I am a doctor-artist, not just another physician. I am an award-winning artist with a 4-year degree in classic art, complemented by a formal medical education. Additionally, I care personally about looking good and follow the latest fashion trends; I attend fashion shows, and pay attention to style, celebrity news and what today's trendsetters are up to.

I understand that maintaining good looks is hard work and the never ending fight against aging can be a losing one, but it does not have to be. However, arming yourself with an over-the-counter facial cream is just not enough. In the hands of a knowledgeable doctor with artistic talent, a syringe with Botox or a dermal filler becomes a paintbrush and your face - like a beautiful painting or a sculpture - becomes rejuvenated and enhanced. I can look at your face and determine how I can emphasize some features, smooth out or de-emphasize less desirable ones and give you a younger, but still completely natural-looking appearance.

I take into account your facial anatomy and your facial features, your skin tone and most importantly, your desires. My typical patients are women and men in their 20's through 60's who care about their youthful appearance and wish to stop wrinkle formation or reduce their already formed crow's feet, forehead lines, laugh lines and under-eye tear troughs. After receiving my aesthetic services, my patients say that people tell them that they are looking great, very well-rested, in a good mood, etc. and not that they look like they had work done on their face. That is what great artistic work means to me.

There is no charge for a consultation so you should come and we will work together to combine your desires with my medical knowledge and artistic ability to find a more beautiful, youthful and satisfied you.


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We only use name-brand, FDA-approved quality products.

Enhancing your face is quick and safe:

Step 1: Fill in the form below

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Step 2: Come for your visit

When you come in for your appointment, we begin by talking about the facial areas you'd like to improve and your personal ideal results. Then, we prescribe the combination of treatments needed to reach this goal. These treatments are then administered on the spot. There's no need to plan a separate visit or to make any special arrangements for the day you get your care. Our treatments require no down time. After our short visit, you can return to your normal, productive day!

Step 3: Return for touch-ups

One week after your initial treatment, we meet again to discuss the results. If there are any areas that require touch up, we treat those areas during this visit. Then, we discuss how to maintain your results and we make a plan for the future care of your fresh new looks!