Approved by the FDA as a dermal filler, Restylane® is a gel form of hyaluronic acid smoothing out wrinkles and creases, adding youthful volume and fullness.

Where do I use Restylane®?

Restylane® is recommended for moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. I use Restylane® on nasolabial folds, those lines that run from your nose to the corner of the lip and marionette lines, those deep lines that begin at the corner of your mouth and extend down to your chin, glabellar lines, the vertical line between your brows, and to augment thinning lips

Why is Restylane® Better?

Restylane® works immediately to restore a more youthful appearance by plumping out wrinkles and creases. A hyaluronic acid gel, Restylane® also increases volume by drawing water from surrounding tissue. The benefits last approximately six months and like other dermal fillers, which are also not permanent, regular injections need to be scheduled to maintain the results.

Does it hurt?

We usually numb the treatment area with a topical anesthetic so patients can relax during treatments. You may feel a slight pinch during the injections.

When will I see results?

You'll see immediate results because Restylane® adds much needed volume and fullness, quickly smoothing out folds and wrinkles.

How long is the recovery?

Most patients immediately resume normal activities but they may have redness and/or swelling at the injection sites that may last two or three days. Lips tend to swell and look uneven but these side effects will subside in a few days.

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